ROTOBOX BOOST Carbon Fiber Wheel Set - 2018+ Ducati V4 / V4 Streetfighter
ROTOBOX BOOST Carbon Fiber Wheel Set - 2018+ Ducati V4 / V4 Streetfighter
ROTOBOX BOOST Carbon Fiber Wheel Set - 2018+ Ducati V4 / V4 Streetfighter
ROTOBOX BOOST Carbon Fiber Wheel Set - 2018+ Ducati V4 / V4 Streetfighter

ROTOBOX BOOST Carbon Fiber Wheel Set - 2018+ Ducati V4 / V4 Streetfighter

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Additional Customization Available for Rotobox wheels, please e-mail us today to build your unique set. "sales@pitlanemoto.com"

Up to 50% lighter than original equipment rims, the BOOST wheels are a more aggressive-looking alternative to Rotobox's popular RBX2s. The BOOST's thinner spokes have larger "windows" between them than the current RBX2's smooth, rounded ones. BOOST spokes are also ribbed for additional torque resistance and have invisible joints that make them appear seamless.

These hollow BOOST spokes are also lighter, stronger and even more aerodynamic than the those on the RBX2 wheels.

Along with offering incredible straight-line stability in such extreme conditions, lightweight Rotobox wheels also enable nimbler handling, improved suspension compliance, more effective braking, greatly reduced unsprung mass and less gyroscopic effect in cornering.

Much of this is due to the BOOST's exclusive, 3-Component Composite, a complex formulation of carbon and epoxy, reinforced with stainless-steel wire. The 2.5 mm-thick wire is integrated into both sides of the rim, increasing impact resistance in the most critical areas. The world's only one-piece, carbon-monocoque wheels, Rotobox products are manufactured utilizing a high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding (RTF) process that consistently turns out flawless, watertight rims.

The BOOST's carbon-fiber surfaces beg for artistic personalization. They can be ordered painted up in Rotobox's palette of colors, with splashy graphics, stripes or any logo. To protect each masterpiece, the wheels come in a choice of matte or glossy finishes covered by a UV-blocking clear coat that accentuates their carbon weaving.

Direct replacements for stock rims, model-specific Rotobox wheels come in convex and symmetrical designs for motorcycles with dual- or single-sided swingarms. Their CNC-machined 7075 T6 aluminum billet hubs, disc and sprocket carriers can be customized with optional anodizing colors.

BOOST wheels are supplied with a cush drive, spacers, easy-access, 90-degree aluminum billet valve stems and a choice of ceramic or steel bearings. They're DOT- and JWL-approved, having met JASO T203-85 safety standards that include lab-based tests measuring cornering, radial, torsional and impact performance.


Produced using Rotobox's unique 3 component composite - combining carbon, epoxy and stainless steel. The stainless 2.5mm steel wire is integrated in each side of the rim increasing its impact resistance at the most critical outer part.

One-Piece Hollow Carbon Cast:

The shape, structure and dimensions of each wheel are defined by highly precise aluminium tools CNC made inhouse specifically for a wheel design. Our process of producing one-piece hollow carbon cast is special high pressure Resin Transfer Molding technology to ensure the best quality, the continuity of the procedure and subsequent safety of our products.

High Pressure Core:

The new technology achieves a high density of armature in the composite extreme metric accuracy and a greater smoothness of the wheel surface. In addition - the wheel becomes watertight.

Structural Rib:

Thanks to the High Pressure Core Technology the structural rib is placed in the inner side between the spokes, with its mission to support the stress hot spot of the wheel. As a result the BOOST elegant spoke design brings greater stiffness and although the spokes are thinner the BOOST is stronger than ever.