Dyno Tuning / ECU Flashing

We at Pit Lane Moto are your one stop shop for all your motorcycle needs. We have the latest Dynojet 250I with Eddy Brake/Load system to tune your motorcycle. We specialize in OEM ECU, Power Commander, and Standalone tuning and flashing for all modern motorcycles.

What is Dyno Tune?

A dyno tune is the process of making adjustments to the bikes ignition and air/fuel ratio to achieve peak horsepower and torque.

What are the benefits of Dyno Tuning?

The benefits of dyno tuning include increased gas mileage, increased horsepower, increased torque, smoother & more responsive throttle, and increased engine efficiency. 

Do I need a Dyno Tune?

If your motorcycle has any modifications, such as an aftermarket air filter, velocity stacks, exhaust, engine modifications or you wish to use race fuels, then a dyno tune is necessary to correct the air/fuel ratio and throttle mapping.

Why Dyno Tune instead of using a map downloaded from the web?

While you can download a map off the internet from Dynojet and upload it to your Power Commander & factory ECU, we do not recommend it. No two engines are the same, even if they are the same model and year.

There are several important factors that are not considered with maps downloaded from the internet. They include ambient temperature, humidity, and elevation; without knowing those factors, the tune cannot be optimized. 

While a “one-size-fits-all” style tune may fix your idling issue, it might cause other fueling issues, and dead spots in your power band. 

Therefore, we always recommend a custom dyno tune for each bike, safety, reliability and maximum optimization. 


  • Single Map Flash/Dyno Tuning Starting at $550
  • Additional Fuel Maps for race fuel $200 per map
  • ECU Mail-In Flash starting at $225

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