FlashTune ECU Type 18 Yamaha R1 / R1S / R1M / FZ10 / MT-10 / R6 Bench Tuner Kit

FlashTune ECU Type 18 Yamaha R1 / R1S / R1M / FZ10 / MT-10 / R6 Bench Tuner Kit

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The 2017 Yamaha R6 / 2015-2018 Yamaha R1 / R1M / R1S + 2017 FZ10 / 2018 MT-10  Flash Tune Data-Link ECU Flashing Kits : Your bike already has a standalone ECU and now you can get the tools to program it! There is no longer any need to send away your ECU! Note: Bench kit and the separate listing bike side kit do the same thing but one tunes off the bike and the other attaches to the bike. Scroll down for in depth kit information.Thank you. 


  • Yamaha R6 2017-2018 / Yamaha R1 2015-2018 / R1M 2015-2018 / R1S 2016-2017 / Yamaha FZ10 2017 / Yamaha MT-10 2018

This Interface allows you to easily adjust the following!

Remove ECU Restrictions
  • High Load Fuel Maps (PC5 map importing)
  • Low Load (cruising) Fuel Maps and Bias Mapping
  • Fuel Injector Proportioning
  • Engine Braking adjustments
  • Cylinder Specific Ignition Timing
  • Variable Stack RPM Adjustment
  • Cooling Fan Temp Adjustment
  • Remove Top Speed Limiter
  • Steering Damper Elimination
  • EXUP Valve Elimination
  • Force AIS Valve Closed
  • *This kit is also compatible with the R1M and R1S
  • and new features are added regularly.

Bench ECU Flashing Kit Includes:
  • FTdataLink ECU Interface USB Cable
  • Bench Flashing Harness to flash your ECU outside of the bike
  • Power Supply for Bench flashing
  • FT ECU License to allow unlimited flashes for a single ecu

We believe everyone deserves the same tuning technology that until now was reserved for factory riders. With the FTEcu software you can remove the restrictions that the factory must put in place to meet strict street vehicle guidelines. By flashing your ECU you are able to tune your bike without interfering with critical correction factors resulting in smoother power gains than ever before possible.This product is for RACE USE ONLY! The included software will automatically update as new features are added!