TK Dischi Freno Rear Rotor 245mm Ducati Panigale
TK Dischi Freno Rear Rotor 245mm Ducati Panigale
TK Dischi Freno Rear Rotor 245mm Ducati Panigale

TK Dischi Freno Rear Rotor 245mm Ducati Panigale

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TK Dischi Freno Rear Rotor 245mm Ducati Panigale D01P

This Is Not a rotor for the Light weight Seeker, It Is a Rotor for Professional Racers that need the rear to Work! Period.
Used for the Demands of Current Superbike and Moto2 racing where racers are using the rear brake not only to slow the bike into turns but to keep the bike from wheeling while exiting the turn and for holding the line they want.
For best use pair this rotor with the front rotors and one of our Front thumb brake set up or the even more popular left hand lever brake set up as seen on many of the GP bikes and superbikes this year!

This brake is not going to warp on you like some other rotors that are designed to reduce weight but also reduce braking performance.


TK Dischi Freno Is an Italian Company that has been manufacturing Brake rotors for Moto 2 Moto 3 and Superbikes racing 

Developed with this type of R&D has given them the advantage to work with some skilled riders and take feedback from them. Now TK Dischi have released their New Evo Rotor which has a different hub design than the traditional floating bobbins.

What makes these rotors special?

Providing the right amount of feel from the brakes under trail braking giving the rider the feedback they need. 

Used by Barni Racing in the Italian CIV championship and World Superbike Ducati V4 Panigale, ParkinGo 2019 World Supersport300 Champions on Kawasaki Ninja400, Sam Lowes, Brad Binder, Johann Zarco


MATERIALS: The materials TK use for production are the result of years of on-going research and development on race tracks. The quality of these materials combined with the particular shape of the disc also ensures less wear of the disc. The materials are all certified and the disc production process is via a chain allowing full trace ability of the finished product;

WEIGHT: The  drilling technique increases the removed material with the same diameter of the hole and the consequent reduction of the gyroscopic effect (-250g disc for the SBK version);

PAD CLEANING: The equidistant holes make the heat distribution even (tests carried out have shown a reduction in temperature compared to conventional discs of approximately 20%) significantly reducing “fading from overheating” while inclined drilling allows fast discharge of any impurities such as: friction material, mud, water, etc..

MODULATION: The distribution of the holes modulates the braking action while keeping the pad clean and increasing safety on wet or slippery conditions.

RESIDUAL TORQUE: A significant reduction in residual torque due to the pads being clean, greater cooling and constant thermal distribution (better sliding action in a straight line and in the middle of a bend). The particular drilling helps keep the pads efficient and constantly revive.


Not for Street Use.